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Black Abalone

Black-Eyed Goby

Brittle Star

California Moray Eel

California Sheephead


Giant Keyhole Limpet

Green Abalone

Green Sea Anemone

Hermit Crab

Horned Shark

Purple Striped Jellyfish

Rock Crab

Rock Scallop


Sea Anemone

Sea Lemon

Spansih Shawl

Spiny Lobster



Tube Anemone


Yellow Crab

Yellow Edged Cadlina

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All pictures are copyrighted and may only be used with the written permission of the photographer. Identification of the marine life is believed to be correct, but no guarantee is made as to the accuracy of such identification. Obviously, this is far from a complete representation of all the marine life found in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. It is simply a group of pictures taken by one photographer for the sheer enjoyment of it. Additional pictures may be added on an irregular basis.